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Over the last 22 years, Simon Fletcher Co has created numerous award-winning luxury outdoor living areas. In our time we’ve seen the traditional landscaping and outdoor living evolve from verandas, patios, lawns and gardens, into outdoor living spaces that blur the distinction between inside and outside.

Simon Fletcher Co has also evolved. What started as a gardenand landscape design company has expanded to now include renovation, construction, interior design and landscape architecture. This allows us to create designs that seamlessly blend the architecture of your home into stunning outdoor rooms and entertaining spaces.


The firm wins its first major university commission

We were awarded for the planning and design of a new campus for Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. The 2001 commission to master plan and design a new campus on 2,600 acres of farmland in Edwardsville, Ill.


Simon Fletcher Co is built on several key principles:
  • Excellent workmanship
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Customers first
  • Enjoy life in the process
  • Infusing real care in all that we do

This approach has earned the trust of our clients, allowing us to provide exceptional lawn care and landscaping services. We are proud to say these values can be found consistent across our 250 locations, setting us apart from other companies. Overall, we are driven to create a remarkable experience for our customers by owning what we do, having fun along the way, staying humble, and learning something new we can share with the team every day. We also always remain ethical and trustworthy, listening and communicating with respect.



Meeting with client and/or architect to establish a brief specific to the client’s lifestyle, site and architecture.Following this meeting a landscape garden design fee proposal will be provided for your consideration.

Concept Design

Upon approval of our fee proposal, landscape architect will prepare a landscape design in response to the brief. This design will include schematic design of all major features proposed for the garden including swimming pools.


Following review of the concept design my firm will amend and refine the landscape design offering further information where necessary. Throughout this stage Simon Fletcher Co will provide samples/photographs of surface treatments.


Simon Fletcher Co creates unique landscape solutions by integrating classic design principles of repetition of shapes, harmonization of colors, and use of contrasting textures and forms with artistic expression. The resulting gardens promise to be inviting to explore and stimulating to your senses as you take in a wide range of what nature can offer.

Our company offers complete landscape design services including master plans, foundation plantings, perennial gardens, natural meadows, flagstone patios, stone walls, pools, fencing, and landscape lighting. Personal attention to our clients’ needs and creative and unique solutions are our company’s strengths.

We work hard to make your garden beautiful

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